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Endless Summer (In Your Closet)

Transition Your Dresses

A floral sundress is basically the human female's signal to the world that the summer solstice is upon us, so you'll need to do a little work to keep these suckers alive for a few more weeks. Find ways to keep some skin showing, while covering up the rest. Throw a scarf around your shoulders. Try out some thigh-high stockings or socks with a pair of boots. Whatever you do, please don't wear crew-neck cardigans over every dress you own - that look makes me my soul die almost as much as the start of fall.


This is the most annoying "rule" out there. You can wear white any time of the year you want - just do it right. Keep wearing those white denim pants, but pair them with a dark colored belt and top them off with a light-weight long-sleeved top. There are ways to make white work all year round, but unfortunately, the white linen pants are reserved only for the summer months.

Balance is Key

You need to walk a fine line with your pieces this time of year - it's no longer kosher to show off some skin and blame it on the scorching temps. If you want to extend sandal wearing season, pair them with gauchos or joggers. Wear your skirts with bare legs, but top them off by layering on a chunky sweater. Wear a brightly colored top, but mute it with a leather jacket or a darker bottom.

For more advice, style tips, and to find the perfect way to keep your summer staples alive a bit longer, reach out to!

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