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Plaid Like a Lady, Not a Lumberjack

It's fall in NYC (ugh), which means every girl you know (or don't know but follow on insta) is sprinting to the nearest pumpkin patch in her riding books and lumberjack plaid button downs to pose in front of some orange vegetables. While I clearly have a problem with the season and the activity that comes along with it, I have a bigger problem with the outfit that seems to ALWAYS accompany it.

Ladies, let's leave the plaid button down shirts to the Brawny man and glam it up. Plaid suiting is everywhere you look right now - it's like we're all extras in the Clueless remake (which is most likely in production as we speak). While a full plaid suit can be pretty intimidating to attempt, it's easy to pull plaid into your wardrobe in different ways to make it work for you. Look for plaid pieces with tailored finishes, embellishments, and unexpected color combos to make the classic print seem fresh and brand-new.

Straight Skirt

This is probably the simplest way to incorporate this style into your wardrobe because these bad boys are everywhere right now (J. Crew Factory, UO, Bloomingdale's) and you can easily pair them with tops you already have in your closet. Just make sure to steer clear of anything that leans more school girl - unless it's October 31 and you're going for some "hit me baby one more time" vibes.


This is a traditional take on the old school plaid trend, but there are ways to make it feel fresh. Pair your blazer with an ultra-feminine skirt, sexy camisole or heels to balance it out. Lately I've been replacing my go-to leather jacket with a plaid blazer - such an easy switch, but it makes your whole wardrobe feel new.

Bold Colors While colored plaid prints are very in fashion right now - and can be found at some of my favorite stores like ASOS, H&M and Zara - you can also easily style your neutral plaid items with brightly colored pieces to bring some whimsy to the structured feel.

Learn more about styling one of this season's biggest trends without spending all of your hard earned dough by contacting The Affordable Stylist!

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