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Gucci Belts are Basic

Despite having the name "Affordable Stylist," I actually have absolutely nothing against expensive, luxurious goods. Hell, I'm sitting here writing in the hopes that someone reads this post and decides that I need to be paid a handsome salary for my witty prose. What I do take issue with is assuming that if an outfit, bag or pair of shoes costs a lot and comes with a designer label, it is the height of fashion.

To me, a lot of expensive pieces have become easy ways to cry fashion just by shelling out money - in reality they kind of show an overall lack of creativity when it comes to style. Remember in middle school when we all used to where clothes with little seagulls, eagles or moose on them? Well, some of the items below are starting to hearken back to those days.

And listen, if you have any of these items please know I'm not judging (I'm honestly jealous you've amassed the wealth you have to afford these things), just know there are options out there that will allow you to show off your creativity via your wardrobe and maybe get a few compliments/questions about where you got said piece.

Instead of the the Gucci Belt...

Add pops of color and texture to your outfit with one of the options below from Topshop or J.Crew (images linked).

red belt
pink snakeskin belt
emerald green velvet belt

Instead of the Cartier Love Bracelets...

Find an alternative or go for something practical and stylish like the rose gold, black leather watch from The Horse - I literally get asked where it's from every time I wear it (images linked).

gold druzy bracelet
black rose gold watch

Instead of the Louis Vuitton Tote...

Go for a backpack. Not à la L.L. Bean (even though those will probably come back around just like everything else from the 90s), but like the super cute, faux leather versions below from Nordstrom. Not only will you be on trend, but you'll save yourself a few trips to the chiropractor (images linked).

off-white backpack

black backpack

For more ways to showcase your fashion sense, reach out to The Affordable Stylist.

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