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Serve Looks This Thanksgiving Eve

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. You get to eat everything under the sun, listen to your grandparents tell v. inappropriate stories from their youth, and the night before you get to show everyone from your hometown what they've been missing all year.

That said, you want to wear something that strikes the balance of "look at how good I look" and "I woke up like this." In my opinion, the sweater dress is the perfect way to live in that zone. The dresses below will have you feeling hot, looking casual and won't blow your budget.

Steph Sweater Dress, Revlove ($68)

This is the most casual cute dress in my opinion. It's legit like, "hey, I can look super hot in a basic grey sweater shirt." It also doesn't hurt your sexy factor that it gives the illusion that you may have forgotten your pants.

Grey sweater dress

Waffle-Knit Distressed Sweater Dress, Forever 21 ($38)

This is my favorite dress of this bunch. Not only does it look super causal, but it's also right on trend this season with the distressed neckline.

black distressed sweater dress

Manitou Mustard Yellow Dress Print Fuzzy Sweater Dress, Honey Punch ($88)

This dress is great because it's acceptable for both a night out and Thanksgiving day case you need to do the walk of shame straight into your family's viewing of the Macy's Day Parade.

mustard yellow holiday sweater dress

Ottoman Slouchy Tunic Sweater Dress, Free People ($148)

This dress says class, class, class until it stops at your upper thigh. If you want a look that says "I know the difference between a full-bodied red and a dessert wine, but could be enticed to take a shot of tequila and get weird" this is the dress for you.

classy white sweater dress

Blaire Black Striped Ribbed Bodycon Sweater Dress, Lulus ($54)

This is the dress you need to wear BEFORE Thanksgiving day, because the odds of this hugging your curves as nicely the next day are slim - but you will look amazing before binging.

navy and red sweater dress

Bringing Sexy Back Olive Green Backless Sweater Dress, Lulus ($58)

This is the dress you wear to coyly look over your shoulder at your old high school flame to ensure he gets a good look at your sexy upper back (legit the one place you can highlight anytime of year without having to workout at all).

olive green sweater dress

Get more great tips for looking hot for the holidays while still being able to buy everyone a gift that isn't homemade by contacting The Affordable Stylist.

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