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The New Clip Art: Barrettes

The early 2000s were quite a dark time for fashion. From trucker hats to low-rise jeans, we were a disaster from head-to-toe and our hair was no exception. Let us not forget the time spent in our BFFs upstairs bathroom, sorting through a variety of butterfly clips to find the perfect combo for grinding to Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up" in our dimly lit middle school cafeteria.

Unlike when you were pulling your hair back into faux cornrows with sparkly clips purchased from The Limited Too, these latest barrettes to hit the runway are much less likely to haunt you when you're looking back at photos 15 years from now (if we can even figure out how to get said photos down from the cloud). So if you want to give this style a try, without blowing $200+ on the Versace take on the trend, check out my picks below.


The hair clip selection at Anthro is on-point. They have a ton of different options including the more classic tortoise style below as well as some edgier takes on the trend with gem stones and bright colors.


So if you really want to lean into this trend, you need to try these clips from Kitsch. I'm loving combining them to add some Drake-vibes to your look for a night out.

glam feelings hair barette

Free People

FP also has a wide-selection to pick from when it comes to hair accessories in this department, including some super eclectic styles like the seashell themed set below or the floating lunar barrette.

All in all, you can't go wrong trying out a trend that will barely make a dent in your budget and is a fun way to spice up your everyday look. Learn more tricks of the trade by reaching out!

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