10 Dresses to Get You Through Wedding Season Without Breaking the Bank

It's time to dust off that flask clutch and pull out your Spanx because it's wedding season you sandbagging sons of bitches. Now if you're like me, you KNOW weddings are a time for the bride to shine and be the most beautiful woman in the room, but that doesn't mean you don't want to look bangin' and maybe steal a little bit of that attention for yourself by wearing an amazing dress.

With that in mind I've picked my top 10 wedding guest dresses for this season. Not only will these dresses have you banking numerous compliments and fending off attractive eligible men all evening, but they also won't make you cringe when checking your credit card statement because they are all less than $150. So take your pick and get ready to fight off stage five clingers.

Strapless Frill Dress, Shona Joy ($83)

strapless peach dress

This dress is so perfectly simple. The way the fabric drapes is perfect for showing off your legs while also camouflaging any midsection insecurities. It's the perfect level of basic to spice it up with some stunning shoes or earrings. One thing to note, is this dress runs small according to many reviewers so make sure to size up.

Here's To Us High/Low Evening Dress, Lulu's ($72)

navy high low chiffon dress

I picture this dress on a classy little woodland fairy who just happened to stumble upon an outdoor wedding looking for an open bar and a quick grind sesh on the dance floor. My main love for this dress comes from the flouncy chiffon ruffled shoulders and side-tie/wrap waist. So get your Tinkerbell on in this dreamy little number.

x REVOLVE Zoe Halter Dress, House of Harlow 1960 ($99)

floral halter cutout maxi dress

Okay, I know when people see cutouts on a dress they get worried about looking like Jessica Simpson's pregnant feet shoved into a pair a strappy stilettos, but cutouts on the sides of a dress can actually be super flattering. The cutouts draw eyes to the center wear the fabric connects, making your waist appear teeny-tiny. This cut will also hit right at the smallest part of the midsection, plus both the halter and back tie straps are adjustable, making it great for so many different body types.

Metallic Strapless Dress, Glamorous ($96)

strapless metallic dress

This is a dress for par-ty-ing. This is the dress for a wedding wear you know you're going to get down on the dance floor to a string of Bruno Mars and Whitney Houston HITS. The multi-colored metallic fabric on this dress will look amazing when the light hits it (literally stealing the bride's shine in this case). It also has underwire cups built in along with nonslip rubber binding at the top hem, so your girls will be secured no matter what move you bust out.

Emerald Floral Dress, J.O.A ($99)

emerald green velvet floral dress

I. love. this. dress. If you don't want it for yourself, please purchase it and gift it to me. This emerald color is flattering on so many different skin tones - including the pasty look we're all rocking right now in March. The velvet fabric is amazingly comfortable and the twist style waist combined with the slit is crazy sexy. Call me to let me know how many compliments you receive on this dress because I want us to revel in it together.

ASOS Design Flutter Sleeve Maxi Dress with Pleat Skirt, ASOS ($72)

plum pleated maxi dress

I will pair a pleated skirt with anything because it's such a great, feminine look. The way pleated fabric moves is so effortlessly beautiful - you will legit float into the room like an ethereal angel while the bride shoots you daggers from the head table. This is also the perfect dress to show off the girls because the rest of the dress is so classy that having them pushed up as high as they'll go won't make your attention-hungry ass look too suspect.

Georgia Gown, NBD ($124)

red lace overlay dress

I know the lace overlay look is a bit overdone at this point, but I really like this take on the trend. This is a great way to wear red to a wedding since the nude underneath helps to balance it out. The crisscross back of this dress is also so eye catching and it's adjustable so you can make it perfect for your body type/the look you're trying to achieve.

ASOS Design Maxi Dress with Cape Back and Dipped Hem, ASOS ($72)

mustard yellow wrap dress

Yellow is such a great color, but it's so hard to find the right shade. In my experience, yellow clothes either come in neon highlighter yellow or my pee after a weekend of binge drinking yellow. Luckily, ASOS has found the perfect shade of mustard yellow with this dress. Not only is the color perfection, but the draping, wrap shape and cape detail make this dress look very expensive. So make people think you found the real life rosebud cheat code by wearing this dress to your next wedding.

Leah Gown, Lovers + Friends ($90)

floral slit dress

It's time to channel your inner Angelina Jolie, minus the making out with your brother and stealing someone's husband (people don't forget). The slit on this dress is such a great statement look and will highlight your legs in such a flattering way. This dress is so effortlessly sexy, you may even feel a little bad about how many looks you're getting (but probs not). And if you're not into the floral look, this dress comes in a bunch of solid colors as well.

Satin Wrap Front Maxi Dress, Express ($52)

plum faux wrap slip dress

Slip dresses are literally flooding Instagram right now. Every influencer and their mom is sporting these with sweaters, boots, jackets, but slip dresses are so beautiful on their own. This one specifically is a great rich plum color with a satin finish to up the class factor. I also love the faux wrap detail in the front to add more dimension to the look. This is also a great piece to have in your closet to layer under other pieces. So unlike all of those bridesmaids dresses, you'll actually wear this again and again.