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How to Successfully Shop on Poshmark

If I channeled the amount of time I've spent searching through racks of clothes at TJ Maxx and thrift shops into something a bit more productive, we could all rest-easy because world peace would be solved

Poshmark is one of my favorite ways to shop affordable, gently-used (and sometimes brand new) clothes from the comfort of my bed. Not only does it save me the time and effort of ANY physical activity, but it also it also allows me to shop any time - like at 1 AM when I can't sleep and want to self-soothe with a feel-good purchase.

Get the Poshmark App

First and foremost, you need to download the Poshmark app from your device's App Store. Poshmark can be accessed from your browser, but the user experience is exponentially better within their app. Also, if you ever plan to sell your own stuff through Poshmark, you can only do it in the app.

Learn the Lingo

Just like any platform, Poshmark sellers have their own acronyms they use to describe what they're selling and they quality. Here is a helpful list of acronyms and definitions and terms I've seen used on Poshmark and had to learn (sometimes the hard way by actually buying something that wasn't what I thought):

  • NWT (New with Tags) - This means the item is brand-new, unused, and has all of it's original tags.

  • NWOT (New without Tags) - Meaning the seller has removed the tags but hasn't worn it yet.

  • Boutique - These are Poshmark sellers that are selling items from their own stores or that they have made, so they typically are not brand names. These items are typically available in various sizes, so that's a plus.

  • Trades Accepted/ No Trades - Poshmark is a bit more unique in how they allow transactions between sellers and buyers. Instead of offering an amount, you can ask the seller if they would like to trade from anything in your closet. I've never done this, and would imagine it's tough to find comparable pieces that both parties are onboard with, but something to keep in mind.

  • Not For Sale - You'll notice this tag on some items that appear in your feed. This is basically a seller's way to showcase their style by showing some pieces they own, but are not for sale. I think it's annoying TBH (if you're showing it I should be able to buy it!), but something to look out for.

Shop by your Need

Poshmark allows you to follow different sellers in order to have all of their latest items show up in your feed. I personally only find this helpful when I'm casually browsing or want some inspiration. My favorite and most effective way to find pieces that I want is to search for exactly what I'm looking, i.e. over-sized sweaters from J.Crew. By narrowing your search by type and brand, you're more apt to find pieces that fit your style and budget.

Stay Away from Fast-Fashion Brands

Listen, I'm far from above shopping fast-fashion brands like Forever21 and H&M, but there's a reason why you can get a top for $8 - it's not quality and will last a season at best. So when you're shopping second-hand, the last thing you want to do is buy someone's used pieces that were low quality to begin with. My recommendation is to use Poshmark to shop brands that you likely wouldn't be willing to shell out the full-price. That way you're getting clothes that are quality without the guilt of spending this month's electric bill.

Find Similar Listings

Unlike a brick and mortar store, if you find an item you like but the size is wrong or the price is a bit too steep, the Poshmark app gives you the ability to search the same listing across other sellers. Simply scroll to the bottom of the listing to the section labeled "Find Similar Listings" and choose your search parameter to be shown the same or similar items available.

Make Offers

As someone who loves a deal, this is my favorite feature of Poshmark. Unlike traditional shopping experiences, Poshmark gives you the ability to bargain with the seller. I find that offering $10-$20 below asking will typically get you an item - but if you're feeling ballsy, throw out a number to see if it sticks. And don't be surprised if the seller counters with a price closer to their original asking. You can always decline it if it's too far off from what you're looking to spend.

Don't be Afraid to Ask Questions

The beauty of Poshmark is that you can easily comment an any item in order ask the seller your questions or concerns. If the seller hasn't given you enough details in their description feel free to ask about the fabric type, measurement, times worn/used, etc. Any good seller will get back to you with answers quickly and effectively. If they aren't responding or giving your the answers you need, that may not be the item for you buy.

Poshmark-ing is great way to find pieces that are on trend and fit your budget. If you want even more advice about how to Poshmark or want even want to be styled on the app, reach out to The Affordable Stylist for some help.

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